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Acting & Scene Study Classes

Billy O\'Leary

Burbank & Private Coaching

David Dean Bottrell

NYC & Hollywood

Acting Links

Actors Access

Additional Pics, Clips & Videos


Additional Pics, Clips & Videos

LA Casting

Additional Pics, Clips & Videos


5757 Wilshire Boulevard, 7th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90036, (855)724-2387,


Additional Clips & Videos

Additional Acts

Have an Adventure

Virtual and in person inspired; from books to murals to walking adventures.

In Place of War

Friend David Smith, CEO of a charity called \"In Place of War\" which is a charity that encourages art and theater and dance in conflict zone or warzones. It\'s an amazing charity and he works with partners in the UK. They *do* take donations there to support their programs and they are an amazing group. He went to Uganda last year for example for a drama therapy project. He can answer pretty much anything you want to know about it. :) Maybe take a look?

Micah the Magician

A night of unforgettable magic where you and your guests are the stars!


Bark Avenue Foundation

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No Animals Were Harmed

Guidelines for the Safe Use of Animals in Filmed Media

Pet Adventure Parties

Kids Educational Parties with Photography - Burbank

Commercial Classes

Bill Coelius

Santa Monica

Chris Game

Hollywood & Private Coaching

Megan Foley Marra & Chuck Marra

Sherman Oaks & Burbank

Scott Wissner



Tessa Rae Evelyn

Director, Still Photographer

Hair & Make-Up Artists

Julia LoVetere

Hollywood & On-Location

Tara Shakespeare

Burbank & On-Location

Health & Beauty

24 Hour Fitness

Strong by Zumba (HIIT), Studio Classes, Personal Training

Align Beverly Hills Pilates

Zoom Teacher: Andrew
Tue, Thu, Sun @ 5pm
IG @iamandrewboyle

Jenny Karns

Body Temple Healing Massage - NOHO

Som Talapat

SomSkinScrub - Color Lounge - Burbank

Strong by Zumba (HIIT)

High Intensity Interval Training at 24Hr & Other Locations


Braden Moran Photography

Echo Park

Carrie Cavalier Photography


Emily Sandifer Photography


Vanie Poyey Photography


PR & Marketing

Dallas Travers

Century City

Heidi Dean


Kari Nissena



Karmalicity Is FREE \"Karmic Publicity\" for Film Industry Professionals

Karmalicity works on a very basic principle: Help others, and others will help you. Every time you Like, Follow, View or Subscribe to someone\'s listing on Karmalicity, you\'ll earn points. You then spend those points when others take beneficial action on your behalf. So you need more Followers? Great! Follow a few people, or Like some pages, or View their YouTube video. Doing so will mean you earn points. Then you can spend those points having people Follow you on Twitter, or view your IMDb page, or whatever is most important to you!

Rob Biesenbach



Actors Photo Lab - Headshots

Sherman Oaks

Vistaprint - Biz & Postcards


Staged Readings & Writer\'s Group

Deadline Junkies

NOHO & Sherman Oaks

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