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Very Quirky Roles 


Elyse (w/ Anthony Hopkins)  Supporting Dir. Stella Hopkins / Margam Films
Last Day on Earth  Lead Dir. Ian Conover / Backbeat Entertainment
Helicopter Mom (Opposite Nia Vardalos)  Supporting Dir. Salome Breziner / Stripped, LLC / SONY
Seashells  Lead Dir. Natalie Neal / Spot Up Shooter
Four Dogs  Supporting Dir. Joe Burke / Elantra Films
Me Without You  Supporting Dir. Cord McConnell / Me W/O You
Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes  Supporting Dir. Corey Grant / New Breed Ent.
Broken Tree  Supporting Dir. Jonathan Southard/SouthardCo.
Memoirs of Don Walker  Supporting Dir. Erik Wilson / Sphinx Prods.
A Cicero Story  Lead Dir. Adam Kolegas / Bent Penny
In Love with Being in Love  Lead Dir. Sam Locke / Jiang Hu Prods.
The (Apple) Core Issue  Lead Dir. Debbie Salisbury / Split Pillow/Salisbury Actors
Dinner Table for Four  Lead Dir. Ou Bai / CC Prods.
Marilyn  Lead Dir. Rick Krimbel / CC Prods.
Those the River Keeps  Lead Dir. Sean Halvorson / CC Prods.
The Empty Box  Supporting Dir.CJDugan/SplitPillow/CliffhangerCrashFest
Trouble w/Money, Psychics and the Other Thing  Lead Dir. Sean Halvorson / CC Prods.
Social Event of the Season   Supporting Dir. Brian Levin / CC Prods.


Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show  Lead - Sketch Performer Dir. Suzanne Luna / Telepictures TV
General Hospital  Recurring, 35 eps Dir. Phideaux Xavier & William Ludel / ABC
Modern Family (Op Ferguson/Stonestreet)  Co Star Dir. Jeffrey Walker / ABC
Jane the Virgin (Opposite Gina Rodriguez)  Co Star Dir. Uta Briesewitz / CW
Criminal Minds  Co Star Dir. Doug Aarniokoski / CBS
Operation Repo: Undercover Valet  Lead Dir. Andrew Zinnes / TruTV
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant  Co Star Dir. Jeff Daniels / TLC
E-Health Network  Co Star Dir. Julie Soller / BannerCaswell
National Safety Council (Industrial)  Lead - Paramedic Dir. Dan Wood / Production Craft


Gift Net News Showcase (Hosting)  Lead - Host, 10 eps Dir. Jean Rosone / Gift Net
Reality Losers  Co Star Dir. Louisa Kendrick / Caliappleent Ent.
They Live Among Us  Co Star Dir. Anne Lower / They Live Among Us Prods.
Tail Section: Jury Room (Opposite Mya Harrison)  Co Star Dir. James Henry / FOX Digital
For the Birds  Lead Dir. Ross Harmon / Great Gift
Man Boobs  Lead Dir. Eric Bergemann / Escapism Prods.
All the Good Ones Are Taken or Gay  Lead Dir. Eric Bergemann / Escapism Prods.
Angry Klown: Policy Coverage  Lead Dir. Charles G. Hollins / Fun Little Movies
One Gift Too Many  Lead Dir. James Lemmo / Great Gift
Homestead Group  Lead Dir. Jayme Joyce / Get Fave


Doritos Crash the SB: Dog Goner  Supporting - Mom Dir. Brad Bosley / Brad Bosley Prods.
Dave & Buster's (Cmcl. Contest)  Lead Dir. Brad Bosley / Brad Bosley Prods.
Doritos Crash the SB: Imaginary Friend  Supporting - Mom Dir. Brad Bosley / Brad Bosley Prods.
New Awakenings  Lead Dir. Erik Wilson / Sphinx Prods.

Voice Over

USS Tim  Series Regular - Radio Theatre Dir. David Smith / Psi Phi Audio
Psi Phi Shenanigans  Recurring - Radio Theatre Dir. Tim Cree / Psi Phi Shenanigans Prods.
Star Trek: Outpost  Recurring - Radio Theatre Dir. Tony Raymond / Giant Gnome Prods.
Guided Meditation  Lead Dir. Joseph Orr / Eldamar Prods.
Kick  Lead Dir. Sean O'Reilly / Arcana Prods.


Sci-Fest LA: The Lunchtime Show  Tourist 2 Dir. Drew Barr / ACME Theater
Children's Hospital Los Angeles  Various - Improv Dir. Julie Shavers / Zimmer Children's Museum
I Never Sang For My Father (Opposite Philip Baker Hall)  Nurse Janet Halsey Dir. Cameron Watson / Circus Theatricals
My Favorite Husband  Lucille Ball Dir. H. Clyde Sacks / AFTRA Radio Plays
A Midsummer Night's Dream  Hippolyta Dir. Karen Fort / Chase Park Theatre
Lips Together, Teeth Apart  Sally Dir. Patrick Sims / Black Box Theatre
Steel Magnolias  Shelby Dir. Jeff Smerz / Lunt-Fontaine Theatre
Savage In Limbo  Savage Dir. Raeleen McMillion / Attic Theatre


WC Patton  Various - Improv Dir. Norm Holly / Second City
Objection Sustained  Various - Improv Dir. Ray Chao / Second City
Happy Heads  Various - Sketch Dir. Jeb Cabwell/5th An. Sketch Fest
The Yoga Show: Wealth & Hellness  Various - Sketch Dir. Jeb Cabwell/4th An. Sketch Fest


Improvisation: IO, Second City, Comedy Sportz (Long/Short Form, Games, Harold, Mime, Sketch, Viola Spolin), 
Acting: UW-Milw. Theatre BA Grad.: James DePaul, Adolphus Ward; Billy O'Leary, BGB-Jami Rudofsky, Tom Todoroff, Anthony Meindl (AMAW), David Dean Bottrell, Chris Game, Christinna Chauncey, Evidently Acting, Jason Alexander 
VO: Animation/Commercial: Cheryllynn Carter, Kalmenson & Kalmenson: Steve Staley, Bosco Productions: Kathleen Pulls 
Commercial: Chris Game, Bill Coelius, Fawnda McMahan, Carolyne Barry, Megan Foley & Chuck Marra, Scott Wissner, James Levine, Mariko Ballentine 

Special Skills

Swam from Alcatraz to SF Bay (1.5miles) Expert D1 Competitive Swimmer: All Stokes, Starting Dives, Flip-Turns, Underwater, Lifeguard/WSI (Swim Instr),  
Un/Armed Stage Combat, Weapons, Firearms, Martial Arts: Krav Maga: Level 1, Tai Chi, (Plilates, Yoga), 
Sports: Aerobics, Archery, Basketball, Billards, Bowling, Canoeing, Darts, Fishing, Frisbee/Football/Golf,  
Hiking, Kayaker, Ice Hockey/Skating, Roller Hockey/Blade/Skate, Snorkeler, Softball, Volleyball, Lift Wts, 
Mountain/Road Biking, Recumbent; Track & Field: High Jump, Long Distance, Long Jump, Relay, Shot Put,  
Dance: Club/Freestyle, Disco, Hip Hop, Jazz, Line, Modern, Polka, Robot,  
Dialects: Midwest (Native), Standard: British, Cockney, NY, Southern, Conversational: Spanish, Sign Lang. (fingerspelling) 
Driving Skills: 4WD, Stick Shift; Misc: Power Tools, Wheel Pottery, Bartender (no flare), Waitress, Valid Passport (11/2023) 

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